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Hello. My name is Damir Yarullin. I am originally from Russia. I always had a passion for a film making and telling  stories. In 2006 I started to film with my first DSLR camera. I bought my first glide cam and started to practice capturing smooth shots. I was getting better and better with filming and editing and then I tried to film my first wedding and couple who watched video cried and hugged me and they were so happy that I knew at that moment that I want to give that pleasure to more couples! It's my mission right now :)

I filmed my first wedding in 2013 and I have done over 200 weddings since then. I love what I do and I believe everyone in this world should do what they absolutely love. That's when you can provide awesome quality service and top notch product.  I love capturing awesome emotions and true love. I find them beautiful .

I always try to do my best to tell a better story using cinematic style. I use time-lapses, slowmotion, advance editing and color grading to make each video look great and show the story in a best light.

So far I have 100% satisfaction with everyone who hired me. And I am sure it will be the same in the future.

Please don't listen to what I say. Read my reviews and watch videos that my couple made about my service and my company.